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Services And Rates

Hygge(hoo-ga):  Swedish/Relaxation-  a warm atmosphere for full body relaxation, light to medium pressure for stress relief; Danish for 'pleasant, an experience of safety, equality, wholeness, and balance.'

Plein de Vie:  Therapeutic-  Medium to firm pressure to increase vitality, specific muscle work for over-used or injured muscles. French meaning 'full of life.'

Duende:  Deep Tissue/Neuromuscular-  Deep muscle and/or ligament work for repair of injury and increased circulation.  Spanish for 'a feeling of awe of nature or a mysterious power.'

Cafune:  light touch head massage, full body effleurage optional.  Brazilian Portuguese for 'running fingers through the hair  lightly.'

Pre/Post-Natal-  Comfortable side-lying massage for relaxation and muscle relief during and after pregnancy

Passive Range of Motion- Assists your body to maintain healthy joint movement

Prices include tax.

Sessions tailored to your needs. Fully clothed massage is available. 

Chair Massage$1 / 1 minute
Deep Tissue Massage$60 / 60 minutes
Massage$32 / 30 minutes
Massage$54 / 60 minutes
Massage$85 / 90 minutes
Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals
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